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Le lien de causalité : Commentaire de l'arrêt Perruche (Assemblée plénière, 17 novembre 2000)

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Dove' - Analysis of marketing plan

Résumé de l'étude de marché

We will reveal later that we have decided to develop a green product to be innovative and in sync with Unilever. We need to clarify what is Dove's business. Dove is working on the market of women's personal care. Dove has a large range of products from soaps to shampoos. The key point of Dove's strategy is to have a high level of segmentation to answer to the many needs of the women's personal care market. We must also recognize that the market share of Dove on the French market is decreasing for the last several years. In 2005, the market share of Dove was 9.75% and in 2008 it was 2.6%. Thus our mission is to create a strategy and a product that will be able to help Dove conquer new market share. This loss of market share can be explained by risky marketing choices made by the brand. The shampoo market is worth 466.4 million Euros in France so Dove must respond to the market needs and develop new products and strategies to regain its position as one of the leaders on the French shampoo market.