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Comment devient-on haut fonctionnaire en France ?

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Allen & Massey, "The economy in question - Restructuring Britain": book review

Extraits de la fiche de lecture

[...] There has been a shift in the size and importance of manufacturing within the economy and a transformation in the geography of manufacturing within the country. Service industries started to develop and they exceeded the sum total of employment in the manufacturing, agricultural and extractive industries. It was related to the shift in the pattern of capital investment from less to more profitable activities. The development of this sector has reinforced the gap between north and south Britain. A major factor was the shift away from public to the private sector. [...]

[...] The service sector in the UK was much diversified, but this shift contributed to rising wage unequally, this happened in the UK. There was also a much wider range of employment opportunities in service industries which can explain the employment growth in the country. The United Kingdom has experienced many possible signs of deindustrialization such a shift in employment from the manufacture sector to the service sector. However, the United Kingdom manufacturing output has not declined. The Labor Force in industry has declined substantially over the past forty years, since 1967. [...]

[...] The Economy in Question- Restructuring Britain The book is part of a series on the changes which had influenced the social, political and geographical structure of the United Kingdom. It analyzes the structure of the economy, production and work, the other two books deal with social structure and culture, politics and the role of the state. The most important idea is that the place of the United Kingdom in the international level has changed; its role in the international economic order has shifted. [...]

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