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Cour de cassation, chambre criminelle, 12 janvier 2010 - la responsabilité pénale des professeurs

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Taylor and scientific management

Résumé de l'exposé

Even if Taylor's main researches date from the end of the XIXth century, these still exert an important influence on nowadays' industries, such as the car industry. Indeed, Taylor's works remain an important basis in the organizational structure of many fields of activities. Obviously, many points have been reviewed and bettered in order to adapt to the technological changes which marked the XXth and XXIth centuries. However these researches remain crucial to understand how the various organisational models evolved. Moreover, Taylor's theories inspired many ideas, namely Ford's. These are the reasons why we have chosen to deal with Taylor in this report, and to deepen our knowledge on this researcher. We shall first discuss his career and background to introduce him as a great engineer. Then we will throw light on the economical context in which he evolved and what inspired his ideas, and explain his organisational theory. After that, we will study the results related to the application of his researches. Finally, we will underline the main drawbacks of his theory, and give our personal point of view.